February 27, 2020

Transforming Education with Mani Ratnam

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Transforming Education with Mani Ratnam
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Show Notes

In this conversation, Mani Ratnam, Senior Vice President at Strategic Education Inc shares his  thoughts and experiences, with Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting, related to:

  • The transition from being a techie to someone visualizing and creating a larger impact
  • How wanting to take ownership of the impact helped in this transition over time
  • Getting guidance from many experienced mentors and learning by doing / failing
  • Using a data driven experimentation approach, based on some formal models such as lean thinking, six sigma etc
  • Understanding the user personas and their challenges when designing the key value propositions for the company
  • Why data alone is not sufficient to make decisions
  • His views on delivering knowledge not just in time, but also just enough as needed at that moment
  • The significance of a culture of innovation 
  • Encouraging teams to take risks
  • How to help new team members think team results above individual contributions
  • His thoughts on work life balance
  • Getting teams aligned to a larger goal
  • His perspective on the future of IT as a career option, and his own learning in this career

Mani Ratnam is a Senior executive with deep business and technology experience leading Strategic Business Transformation initiatives and Operations. His Specialties include: Strategic Planning, Information Technology, Product Development, Big Data, Analytics, Customer Experience, Operations, CRM (SalesForce).

He can be reached at: Mani Ratnam on LinkedIn  

Mail: mani.ratnam@strategiced.com 

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