April 2, 2020

Comics and Cybersecurity with Shravan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Comics and Cybersecurity with Shravan
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Show Notes

In this conversation Shravan, a Doctoral student, shares his thoughts and experiences with Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting, related to

  • How a comic strip triggered curiosity to explore software development
  • How writing software is like solving puzzles
  • His interest in security aspects while programming
  • His initial personal projects
  • Where one can get problems or ideas to take up research in the realm of security
  • Vulnerabilities related to the software supply chain
  • How verified programming as a technique is still nascent
  • The evolving concept of software sandboxing Power demands of complex computing, such as bitcoin mining and IoT devices
  • Some research into saving power on android phones
  • The possibilities of 5G
  • The eroom’s law and increasingly complex algorithms
  • How quantum computing can help in compute intensive areas such as drug discovery
  • Applications of AI for social or societal problems Technology fighting technology for good [such as anti-virus] On offensive security
  • His thoughts on taking up IT as a career or field of study / research

Shravan Narayan is 4th year PhD student in the fields of computer security and programming languages at the University of California San Diego. He spends his time working on how to safely include untrusted buggy code in large applications through the use of memory isolation, colloquially called sandboxing. Before this, he worked at Microsoft for three years in Redmond, Washington as a software engineer in the windows update team. His non computer science hobbies include playing the tabla and speed solving Rubik’s cubes.

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