October 2, 2020

Stories Behind Software People Stories

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Stories Behind Software People Stories
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Show Notes

Today is a special day for us @ Software People stories where we are commemorating 100 stories completion and we decided to record with All three co-hosts Sivaguru, Chitra and Gayatri and talk about why podcasts and what makes them stay. Please expect some overlap conversations as this was a live conversation.

Highlights of the conversation

  • Sivaguru spoke about the origins of the podcast and how he wanted to capture the evolution of technology and the developments and it transitioned to real life stories and anecdotes that were never told. Shiv shares feedback that he’s received from hosts as well as listeners and what makes it enriching in going full steam ahead
  • Chitra spoke about her penchant for the platform and wanting to be an RJ and how it has been a very satisfying experience. She shares her chance conversation with Neeraja to come onboard. Chitra also shares how the platform has helped to get ideas and implement them in a sustainable way.
  • Gayatri spoke about her interest in digital tools and ability to move away from her comfort zone and how nice it is to talk to people and connect with long lost relations. It is also wonderful to see emotions flow. She talks about listening to podcasts has pushed her fitness and hosting podcasts has made her a better listener.

More information about this special day is here http://pm-powerconsulting.com/podcast-100-episodes/

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