A Practitioner's Guide To
Enterprise Agility

About the Book

This book examines the specific practices that need to be adopted and enabled within the organization to fully realize the Five Tantras and be Agile.

Writing this book took us around a year. All three of us had to share our time between writing this book and our other activities. It has been an enriching experience for us. They say that one should enjoy the journey more than what is got at the destination. We thoroughly enjoyed this writing journey.

We hope you enjoy this book as much.

Paramu Kurumathur, J Veeraraaghavan, S Sivaguru

Partners and Principal Consultants, PM Power Consulting

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You’re wondering how to sustain Business Agility in these times of Forced Dispersion in the wake of the global pandemic? Read insights from the book’s Appendix.

A sample list of Amber signals from the book – the things that the organization could have done better in their agile transformation journey.

A ready-reckoner extracted from the Epilogue of the book, of key things to take care of to be truly ‘Agile’ and a list of Amber signals to watch out for.

Meet the Authors

Paramu Kurumathur is an avid reader of business and technical books. He has been exposed to various project and program management approaches and different technologies over decades. He has been working in the international software services industry and global IT management since 1980.

He is a keen traveler and has visited and stayed in around 40 countries.

His debut novel, The First Aryan, is in the process of being published by Penguin Random House.

Paramu is an alumnus of IIT, Madras. [B. Tech. (Aero. Engg.); M. Tech. (Comp. Sc.)]

His interests include project and program management, writing business books and novels, writing limericks and promoting humor as a way of life.

Meet the Authors

I am a Principal consultant at PM Power and I am responsible for designing, developing and delivering services in the areas of Agile Transformation, Project Management and Software Metrics. I derive a lot of energy from the training and coaching I do. Seeing the managers and teams that I work with succeed in their efforts has been the biggest source of motivation for me to continue whatever I have been doing at PM Power.

I started my career as a software development engineer at Tata Burroughs Limited in 1981 and progressed through multiple responsibilities covering all aspects of software engineering and management. I also worked with Novell for more than 10 years from 1995 – initially as part of the senior management team responsible for Quality Assurance and Product Testing and subsequently as the Managing Director responsible for engineering and other operational aspects of Novell’s software development centre at Bangalore. Listening to music, playing bridge, and being involved in spiritual pursuits are somethings I enjoy, I also thoroughly enjoy teaching and have been a visiting faculty at IIM Bangalore in the areas of software product engineering and metrics.

Meet the Authors

I am the Practice Lead for PM Power’s Business Excellence, Knowledge Management and Technology adoption suite of services as part of our Business Excellence and Competency Development services. I help individuals, teams and organizations on their paths towards excellence.

Helping them understand, internalize and adopt good practices related to Agile, DevOps, Knowledge Management as well as tools adoption has given me great professional satisfaction over the years.

I started my career in 1980 with Tata Burroughs as a trainee and over the following 15 years, held various roles of tech lead, project manager, delivery manager and business manager, including setting up new business lines and growing them, in the areas of BFSI, Retail and core technology

I was then part of a start-up – long before the term start-up was fashionable – building an appliance [embedded software] for enterprise data management and a solution framework for the private equity industry.

As a delivery head in the Capital Markets Division, I also launched and grew the services business in the Asset Management micro vertical, before taking up a corporate role to drive Engineering Excellence across the organization at HCL Technologies.

While I enjoy reading, listening to music and trekking, I find children a source of inspiration for learning.

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