Enterprise-wide Digital Transformation

Find out how our Consultants helped a Finance Company go digital in critical business areas of the enterprise over 1 year.

1 Yr

Digitalized with in 1 Year

3 Yrs

Enterprise Wide Digitalization achieved

Business impact

Since partnering with PM Power Consulting, the client (who is a Financial Services company) has observed a significant impact to their business across various KPIs. At a high level, above is a quick snapshot of the impact that the business has observed.

Company transforms itself to a Digital Business

Client is a Private Equity Finance Company with clients in diverse industries. Their main mission was to Go-Digital and transform the company into Digital Business 

The challenge

The Finance Company was looking to “go digital” over a 1 year period. Their main goal was to be seen as a Trusted Financier & Partner for small businesses in agriculture, microfinance and sustainable rural businesses.

Their main challenges were:

  • Shifting people’s mindset from traditional ways of working
  • Uncovering inefficiencies and consolidating processes

However, the leadership was absolutely committed to rally the organization to go Digital, putting them in a much better position to achieve their business goal in a year’s time.

Services Used:
Experts Involved:

Approach and Solution

Our Consultants facilitated the enterprise-wide Digital Transformation using a structured approach:

  • Assessment of Current State and proposed a Target Digital State
  • Assessment included understanding critical business functions & processes; people and their “digital mindset”; leadership and overall business goals
  • Digital maturity assessment – at start of initiative & end
  • Definition of the Target State
  • State of practice and competitive analysis report with recommendations for “Going Digital” for their sector
  • Design of Digitally enabled infrastructure and architecture
  • Evaluation of tool for private equity investors
  • End-2-end facilitation of transition of all existing data & workflows (on spreadsheets) to the tool. Worked with tool vendor SME’s & various departments in-house.
  • Building a digital communication toolkit
  • Developing a Digital Communication Strategy
  • Evaluating cyber security policy and revamp of the same.
  • Facilitated co-creation of digital strategy.
  • Transition of Digital Plan to client & Formal transformation handover.
Outcome Post Solution Implementation
Cycle time improvement – in data analysis, insight reporting and decision making

Awareness around the need to have a digital presence, understanding of essential skills & communication outreach with employees, investors and customers.

Investment increase in Opex to be fully digital in 3 years