September 5, 2019

Everything comes around with VK Kumar

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Everything comes around with VK Kumar
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Show Notes

This conversation between VK Kumar, a seasoned architect and Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting brings to light Kumar’s narratives on

  • The solid grounding that formal and structured training can give
  • His initial work on one of the first globally successful products from India
  • What he learnt about practical use of technology from a consulting role
  • Becoming an architect
  • What cross-over cables taught him
  • Challenges of working in a distributed team Making meetings effective through a practice of readouts
  • A good practice related to architectural governance
  • Some key aspects to be considered for resilient architectures
  • The cyclical nature of architectural models
  • Whether being an architect – as a role – is more stressful than other roles in software development Architecture and Agile
  • What he finds as an effective tool for communication for architects
  • Whether an architect is an individual contributor or a team player

Kumar Venkataramiah, is a senior architect at a reputed financial telecommunications company. He specializes in application architecture, design, business continuity and performance. He has close to 40 years experience in the IT industry and has expertise in transaction processing, message switching, networking and databases. He has managed several IT delivery teams. He has no hobbies and enjoys his free time.

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