June 17, 2021

A Developer for Life with Raja

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
A Developer for Life with Raja
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Show Notes

In this conversation, Raja, a coach at PM Power, who likes to be known as a lifelong programmer shares his journey into the world of software and the lessons he learnt and his view on

  • How he was inspired by two of his teachers to learn programming
  • His liking for experiments that kept him interested in IT
  • The transition from an individual contributor to working in teams
  • How he would like to be associated with only one role : a programmer
  • His surprise, when he took up employment after being an entrepreneur, to see designations and very hard delineation of responsibilities by roles
  • His views on the titles on people’s visiting cards
  • Whether he has a ‘Raja technique or Raja methodology’
  • His views on ‘super specialization’ that many developers prefer, to work only on the server side or on the client side etc and who should own the value chain
  • The power of the concept of ‘mock’s and ‘stub’s
  • How an explicit approach can help in improving team productivity
  • An analogy of a carnatic musicians in a concert having respect for each other on the concept of respect for each other
  • The secret sauce of delivering high quality software is the respect for each other in a team
  • How effective ideas can be simple and can come from anyone in the team, not necessarily senior in terms of experience
  • His advice on choosing a technical or managerial path for one’s career
  • Writing single intent code that progressively evolves

Raja would like to be recognized as a programmer since 1993 having extensive experience in architecting and implementing object-oriented and distributed systems. 

He has created applications for people to collaborate.

He preaches and practices Clean Coding Techniques.

His profile on the PM Power site is at: https://pm-powerconsulting.com/experts/raja-subramaian/

His LinkedIn profile is at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raja-subramanian-kamakshi-iyer-87aa7a54/

He can also be found on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-D08_UMQN5fM4rLx2Q7JOg

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