June 7, 2024

Being an architect with Mike Bowers

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Being an architect with Mike Bowers
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Show Notes

Shiv continues his conversation with Mike Bowers, Chief architect at FairCom.

In this conversation, Mike discusses how to identify someone with an aptitude for being a software architect.

Here are the key points:

  • Aptitude for a software architect, abstract thinking and Practicality
  • His Experience in extensive coding and understanding of  different programming languages, Data structures and algorithms knowledge
  • He also talks about the Qualities of a good software architect:
  • How to identify if you have the aptitude:

In short, a software architect should be a well-rounded programmer with a strong understanding of design and practicality. They should be able to see the big picture and translate that vision into a functional system.

He also shares some career tips for aspiring architects.

Mike Bowers is the Chief Architect at FairCom with over 35 years of experience in software development and architecture. As the driving force behind FairCom’s architecture and product roadmaps, Mike specializes in high-performance NoSQL and SQL databases, IIoT platforms, and legacy system modernization solutions. His wealth of knowledge extends to topics like database revolution, manufacturing 4.0, IIoT, edge computing, and data integration. With a deep understanding of the tech landscape, he actively contributes to the development of industry standards through his membership in the INCITS technical committee, focusing on SQL and GQL. Mike’s insights resonate particularly well with audiences comprising CEOs, IT managers, software architects, software engineers, and controls engineers.

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