August 1, 2023

Being in the limelight puts a spotlight with Mathan Ramanujam

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Being in the limelight puts a spotlight with Mathan Ramanujam
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Show Notes

In the second part of the podcast episode, Gayatri Kalyanaraman is in conversation with Mathan Ramanujam, Product Influencer and Hardware Designer and Director at, shares his career journey

  • Mathan shares on values on why would you work in a startup – Working for today’s salary or invest in tomorrow’s growth 
  • He also shares matching personal believes in the firm and extracting learning from failures and failure in itself 
  • Talks about each person needs to think of themselves as an IC irrespective of product or service world
  • Mathan shares his customer to customer philosophy – Ensuring that customer need from marketing to end product launch – Development and productisation and sales & customer desk to the customer
  • Putting onself in the fray in the various roles – shares learning to put oneself in the same role 
  • Shares his experience in doing a verification in two different decades
  • Mathan shares how his Contacts have helped in getting Contracts 
  • Creating your own psychological safety and how one can create that in the team with 8-15 years
  • How can you build high potential people by building safe environment for failure as well as skill building
  • Mathan shares how he relates to being system centric and hence able to manage community between hardware and software and thus being successful in the embedded industry 

Mathan Ramanujam is the director in™ is a machine learning company delivering the industry’s first software-centric purpose-built MLSoC™ platform. Mathan is a front-runner, growing high performance team ground-up! He’s is using his versatile nature and cross-functional experience to to build CoE for Infrastructure IPs for ML SoC, while Challenging himself to learn ML/AI.

Mathan has over 27 years of total industry experience with 17+ years of Team responsibilities. Mathan has taken multiple Si from concept to production, specialized in Digital design, with FPGA in the semiconductor industry. Mathan started his career in Atlaz Telecom and moved to the bay area for Arasan Chip Systems the role of USB Device, Ethernet controller and XGMII IP development – RTL. 

Mathan later moved back to India took up team leadership roles in Nokia, Texas Instruments, QualComm, Western Digital and STMicroelectronics. 

Mathan Ramanujam has done his B.Tech in Bharathidasan University in Electronics and Communication Engineering. 

 Mathan can be contacted at 

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