May 23, 2023

Build Better Software Faster with Dave Farley

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Build Better Software Faster with Dave Farley
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Show Notes

In the second part of the podcast episode, Gayatri Kalyanaraman is in conversation with Dave Farley, Independent Software Developer and Consultant, Founder and Director of Continuous Delivery Ltd.

  • Dave shares his perspective on the new fads that are constantly coming in and what he’s rooting himself into the basics
  • Critical to focus on Fundamentals – exercise on learning, ensure that you have modular and building blocks, get feedback constantly, separation of concerns
  • Having these basic models in place will be always durable  
  • Dave shares secret in balancing the content creation and software consulting as well as community building
  • He also shares the reason why he started the conference speaking – recruit people! 
  • Dave believes in being generous in sharing ideas and creating collective and learning from colleagues
  • Dave shares some of the key inflection points in his career from being consultant to LMAX product and starting his own consulting as well as his recent experience of building a YouTube channel
  • Dave shares identify areas that gives one joy and identify areas of influencing. Whats your professional duty and taking pride in what you do

Guest Introduction

Dave Farley is a pioneer of Continuous Delivery, thought-leader and expert practitioner in CD, Devops, TDD and software development in general.

Dave has been a programmer, software engineer and systems architect for many years, from the early days of modern computing, taking those fundamental principles of how computers and software work, and shaping ground-breaking, innovative approaches that have changed how we approach modern software development. Dave has challenged conventional thinking and led teams to build world class software.

Dave is co-author of the – Continuous Delivery, and a popular conference speaker on Software Engineering. He built one of the world’s fastest financial exchanges, is a pioneer of BDD, an author of the Reactive Manifesto, and a winner of the Duke award for open source software with the LMAX Disruptor.

Dave is passionate about helping development teams around the world improve the design, quality and reliability of their software, by sharing his expertise through his consultancy, YouTube channel, and training courses.

Dave can be contacted here – 

Published works – ​​

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