CHOW #48– How best would you deal with this situation as a Scrum Master?

You are the Scrum Master for a team that is distributed between India and the US. You have two development engineers, the architect and the Product Owner based in Boston, US while three development and three test engineers are based out of Bangalore, India. As the Scrum Master of the team, you are based out of India. You understand the challenges of a distributed team but agreed to go ahead with this team structure due to the skills constraint that your product delivery has to take into consideration.

You have gone through a Scrum Master training and understand the roles and responsibilities of an effective Scrum Master. Even though a distributed structure such as what you have been given is not ideal, you need to do everything to make it work as well as possible. What are some of the things that you would do as a Scrum Master in this case?

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