November 13, 2021

Making the Leap with Raghu Srinivas

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pm power consultation
Making the Leap with Raghu Srinivas
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Show Notes

In this episode, Raghu Srinivas, Change and Transformation Lead in HSBC, is in conversation with Gayatri Kalyanaraman sharing his career journey and decisions that led him to where he is

  • Raghu started as a developer in TCS after completing his education in Bangalore
  • He was inspired by him mentor to broaden his horizon and desire to move to Business
  • Made an internal transition to business and now leads the strategic transformations in HSBC
  • Raghu believes that having a good business sense is like a spine that has to be strong and flexible based on conditions
  • He talks about the business disruptions that have happened and compares consciousness and understanding of the ecosystem
  • Raghu shares the experiences of working in business starting with the business case and seeing the change through the lifecycle
  • Raghu shares his stories on being a technocrat of bridging the business and technology seamlessly and sharing his wisdom in a wise manner
  • Common sense of vision, purpose, commitment that’s built over trust brings large teams together to work, communicate and collaborate better
  • Raghu shares the constraints that his generation has put on self and how that needs to go off as we usher in the millennials
  • Raghu shares a vision of banking that would lead to normalised set of offerings prior to taking off

Raghu Srinivas is a VP, Strategic Business Change Manager in HSBC. He has 2 decades of years of experience in shaping, managing, delivering and embedding strategic organizational change and delivering cutting edge technology solutions.

His vast experience covers a range of activities in project/program lifecycle involving hiring, budgeting and forecasting, contracts management and Request for proposals(RFP), project initiation project planning/execution, leading to benefits realization tracking and project/program closure.

His expertise in Business Analysis has enabled to apply the right tools and techniques for enterprise business analysis, assess capabilities, perform the required gap analysis, assess “Where to play”/”How to Win” strategies, identify strategic choices and make the right recommendations. 

Raghu has more than 10 years of experience in playing people management roles, capability building, motivating individuals to achieve team objectives and at the same time enabling them to achieve their individual career goals.

His vision is to be actively involved in driving department/organization strategy, enabling business units, people, teams and be the driving force for business change management overall

Raghu can be contacted @ 

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