CHOW# 160 – Stepping into new shoes

Akhil is a seasoned engineering senior manager at a technology company. He has led and guided many successful projects including ones that have complex architectures to scale and deliver high availability platforms.

His organization has recently decided to adopt agile practices and have sought the services of an agile transformation coach. Akhil heads the platform engineering group which is responsible for delivering insights. As part of the agility initiative, engineering groups are being reorganized into scrum teams. Akhil also has had business analysts in his team who are looking to change their role and are keen to explore the role of scrum master. Akhil is supportive of their interest and is looking for help to mentor and guide them. No one in the organization has experience with the scrum master role.

What can Akhil do to help the business analysts explore the scrum master role and help in case anyone of them wants to take on the role?

Suggested Solution

Here are a few things that he can do –

Akhil can work with the agile coach to gain an understanding about the role of scrum master himself. He can add context of the organization and work with the coach to arrive at one best suited for their needs.

He can then use this to conduct conversations with the business analysts to help them understand the role and assure them of his support during their transition.

Here are useful articles he can use and share with them so they can together enable a successful role. (parts 1 and 2)

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