August 26, 2021

The art of saying no with Raminder Rathore

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
The art of saying no with Raminder Rathore
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Show Notes

In this conversation, Raminder Rathore, a senior DevOps specialist,  shares her experience and perspectives on

  • How her getting into IT was destined, based on her father’s foresight
  • If you learn something, it is always good to share it with others [and teaching is a good option]
  • Her first career transition from a teacher to a developer
  • Taking on other roles such as a tester and business analyst
  • Getting a break to be a consultant – a problem solver and liking it
  • Becoming a tools consultant and discovering the importance of processes that go with the tools
  • The significance of parents sharing their vision for their kids, with the children
  • About the many options that kids of today have ahead of them
  • Her exposure and experience with different locations / regions / countries
  • Her personal philosophy of empathy and emphasis on listening
  • The art of saying No
  • The importance of training in personal development
  • Certifications, sharing and learning, using case studies as an approach for learning
  • The importance of communication – particularly when the teams are mostly remote and distributed
  • Her concept of one team that she promotes, particularly with organizations on a DevOps adoption journey
  • DevOps is more than automated CI/CD
  • The answer to one questions that was waiting for fourteen years to be asked
  • Her advice to people considering a career in IT as well as those who would like to switch to DevOps roles after some years of experience

Raminder Rathore is a DevOps practitioner; currently employed with HCL Technologies for 14 + years and in the IT industry for about 20 years. 

She started her career as a trainer then progressed to become a developer and then gradually moved across different product lifecycle phases; first becoming a tools consultant and then graduated to become a DevOps practitioner. 

She leads the DevOps COE at HCL that works with different customers across the globe on people, process and tools areas.

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