May 24, 2019

Thoughts and Things with Veena Samartha

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Thoughts and Things with Veena Samartha
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Show Notes

In this episode Veena Samartha, CEO of VeCrear Technologies is in a free flowing conversation with Chitra from PM Power consulting. She shares her experiences with

  • Developing technology from india with convergence of wireless tech & IoT
  • Having an inquisitive nature & experimenting v/s aquiring knowledge
  • Experiences building fault tolerant systems
  • Journey to entrepreneurship
  • Developing other capabilities to run a company
  • Facing dilemmas of market forces v/s delivery capabilities and the importance of having a clear vision
  • Tips on motivating employees in a small company
  • Willing one’s self into a natural flow
  • Ad-hoc learning & power of networking to keeping abreast with current trends
  • Some future thoughts on staying positive with joy & serenity amidst change

Veena Samartha the Executive Director and CEO of the Bangalore based IoT venture, VeCrear Technologies. Harnessing her technology experience in the areas of mission critical software, embedded systems , servers and file system domains through decades of work experience in companies like Wipro & HP, Veena endeavors to create a niche for innovative technologies from India in the global landscape.

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