July 4, 2019

Estimation and Planning with Sridevi Devathi

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Estimation and Planning with Sridevi Devathi
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Show Notes

Listen to this conversation between Sridevi Devathi from HCL and Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting as they talk about Sridevi’s career and journey around

  • How she started as a developer and then moved to quality
  • Moving into estimation and setting up the estimation CoE
  • Different generations of software architectures / models and various models for software development
  • Some challenges that have continued to bother teams over the last couple of decades related to estimation
  • Relevance of historical data based on standard estimation models, in the new and emerging approaches to develop software
  • Her thoughts on using AI/ML for estimation
  • Use of Function Points in the Financial Services industry
  • Relevance and utility of structured methods for estimation for startups
  • Effectiveness of Agile approaches including having the right coaches even in uncertain problem domains
  • How art [or a hobby] can be a stress buster as well as provide motivation

Sridevi comes with 24 years of IT/Software industry experience, of which she has spent 21 years with HCL. She has worked across Quality, Delivery Excellence, Process/Estimation Consulting, Presales, Project Delivery/Management and Software Development areas. She has been a trainer and consultant in Quality, Project Management and Estimation areas; and is managing HCL Estimation COE for past 10 years. She has participated in few industry forums, and was a panel member in two recent ISMA conferences. You can reach her via:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/sridevi-devathi-b4638018/

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