August 15, 2019

Photo Processing to Product Management with Sairam V

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Photo Processing to Product Management with Sairam V
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Show Notes

Here’s a conversation between Sairam and Sivaguru of PM Power consulting as they uncover facets of Sairam’s journey from

  • When he began working in film technology and film manufacturing to his extensive experience in software design and development.
  • Sairam has worked alongside industrial engineers which helped him to learn, understand and associate his thinking with JIT, Lean, Kanban, BPR etc. 
  • He has adopted IID [Incremental and Iterative Development] – (unknowingly) as early as 1994, to turn around a thrice failed software project, which further helped him later to establish contacts with some of the thought leaders in UML, IID, Scrum and XP. 
  • For the last over 15-years, his focus was on applying these alternate software development models to data intense projects like Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics.
  • Listen on as he shares stories around – How unit card readers helped him pivot to software from being a chemistry professional Scientific programming to MRP 2
  • Having the advantage of being close to his customers
  • Taking up a project that nobody wanted to be part of, as a one-man army
  • Learning from the success of the project: secret – keeping extensive notes
  • How that helped in the conversations with Craig Larman to decode the success formula
  • Characteristics of industries where repetitive processes are most suited
  • Applying concepts of incremental work in exploratory [R&D] situations
  • How even a simple program development may be incremental and an analogy of [old style] film processing
  • The anti-pattern of measuring team velocity
  • The concept  of shared understanding Advice for aspirants to the industry, particularly students
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