December 12, 2018

World Views and Natural Software Engineering with Sandeep Dasgupta

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
World Views and Natural Software Engineering with Sandeep Dasgupta
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Show Notes

In this episode tune into conversations between Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting & Sandeep Dasgupta, Vice President R&D – Gaming Systems at Scientific Games.  In this conversation Sandeep talks about some of his world views that have shaped his work style as well as professional practices. Among other points, they cover

  •  The change in mindset needed when moving from a number crunching oriented language like FORTRAN to object orientation
  • How Sandeep learnt the differences in perspective between a techie and a business user, when working with data
  • How his experience led him to formulate the idea of natural software engineering
  • His views on Agile practices
  • His views on Edge AI

Sandeep is a passionate technologist with varied and deep experience in Product Development, Technical and Solution Architecture, Emerging technologies, Engineering methodology and process, Agile methodologies, Innovation and IP Development.  He played various interesting roles in Engineering and Technology, ranging from building India’s first online Stock Exchange, designing and developing Platform-Independent products in the early 90s, architecting and developing “Zero Latency Enterprise” products at the HP Advanced Technology Labs, being Lead Architect for one of the world’s top-selling retail banking products, heading engineering for Industry-leading Online Real-timeTrading Products to designing best-of-breed frameworks for Agile Engineering.

Sandeep has an excellent track record of leadership in Product Development, Platform Development, R&D, Custom Application Development, Technical and Solutions Architecture, Systems Design, Performance Engineering and Product Engineering Process.

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