October 13, 2019

A Courageous Decision With R Sukumar

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pm power consultation
A Courageous Decision With R Sukumar
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Show Notes

Sukumar Rajagopal – Founder & CEO, Tiny Magiq

In this conversation, Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting talks to Sukumar, Co-Founder of Tiny Magiq, where Sukumar shares his stories about:

  • His friend who inspired him to get into software
  • How, on his first day at a client’s place, he did something totally unconnected – as he thought – to software
  • His first lesson at work – attitude!
  • What one can learn from working on a maintenance project
  • How his first role with a sales responsibility was so stressful, tending to a breakdown
  • Mustering the courage to seek guidance to change the vicious cycle to a virtuous cycle
  • His personal transition to handle uncertainties in his CXO Roles
  • What he learnt from a war veteran on doing pilot projects
  • Taking an integrative approach to knowledge management and process to deliver knowledge just in time
  • How the blogging experiment opened up cross Business Unit exchanges
  • Some techniques he used to foster innovation across a large organization
  • Inspirations from the paper ‘Ronald Coase Penguins’ by ‘Yochai Benkler’ on socio psychological rewards
  • Why his company is called ‘tiny magiq’
  • Applying tiny changes in his own life – as in push ups
  • His perspective on the future for a career in IT

Sukumar has 31 years of experience in the IT services industry. He runs a Digital transformation & Behaviour transformation enabler startup called Tiny Magiq with 4 co-founders since Feb 2015. He left Cognizant in April 2014, after nearly 19 years, where he served as Senior Vice President, Global Chief Information Officer & Global Head of Innovation.  Sukumar in his 8 year stint as a CXO in Cognizant led award-winning transformation programs in IT, Innovation Culture and Delivery Management.

Sukumar is an avid blogger/twitterer, a fitness enthusiast and a travel bug. He researches the Indus Valley Civilization in his spare time. Sukumar received lifetime recognition for his work in IT through the 2014 Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders program. Sukumar is rated by Huffington Post as one of the Top 100 Social CIOs in 2014 & 2013.

His social media handles:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajagopalsukumar/

Twitter: @rsukumar

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Sukumar

Website:  https://tinymagiq.com 

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