October 18, 2019

Flows and Transitions with Vishu Hegde

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Flows and Transitions with Vishu Hegde
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Show Notes

We welcome back a fellow PM Powerian, Vishu Hegde in conversation with Chitra where Vishu shares a flow of thoughts on 

  • Connecting with organization vision with 2-steps removed
  • Building a temple and laying bricks
  • Principles of flow and identifying bottlenecks using flow metrics
  • Understanding flow of work by visualization, metrics, work-in-progress & throughput
  • Starting with mindset and structure to enable organizations to see a “flow”
  • How companies can move from IT agility to business agility
  • Systems thinking paradigms and dys-functions
  • Building a leadership canvas, Engaging leaders in a VUCA world
  • Transitioning s-curves & examining points of discontunuity
  • Navigating stuck points in life and work – the middle challenges 4 dimensions of S-Curves, a teaser.
  • Making the leap with guidance and coaching
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