October 31, 2019

Embracing New Avatars with Gayatri Kalyanaraman

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Embracing New Avatars with Gayatri Kalyanaraman
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Show Notes

In this episode, PM Power colleagues Gayatri Kalyanaraman and Chitra are in conversation as Gayathri shares narratives about

  • Learning in the face of continuous change
  • Owning your career and sustaining like marathon runners
  • How business is getting re-invented and 4 dimensions of business agility
  • Purpose driven learning & how organizations can unshackle themselves
  • Alignment of purpose and business agility Of cruise ships and yachts
  • Experiences, outcomes & results and how these impact an organizational culture
  • Her narrative on preparing and undertaking a physically and mentally demanding journey with a team of 10.
  • Message on uncovering the learner within one’s self.
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