November 7, 2019

Paying it Forward with many monologues

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Paying it Forward with many monologues
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Show Notes

In this episode, we bring you what “pay it forward” means to some software people, currently associated with PM Power Consulting. 

Sivaguru: Being grateful for the nudge from a neighbor and the in person tutoring and guidance to see me as an engineer, without expecting anything in return, and how teaching is a way of sharing your own experience

Chitra: being spotted by a coach to get inducted into basketball, being tutored and mentored by a professor in college and one way she pays it forward is to teach children play basketball and draws a lot of energy from their happiness.

Sivakumar: the selflessness of caregivers for elder care that he was touched by and an idea to institutionalize paying it forward

Anand (Anantha Natarajan) talks about the emotional kindness that he received and paying that forward and sharing words of appreciation pretty much every day, as a habit

Gayatri, remininesces on her grandfather’s words.. About the wellness of everyone in the world and, how volunteering has been her way of paying it forward in different areas and her wish for more social enterprises to address very serious issues such as environment

Vishu narrates how he realized that what interests him most is doing good for the world and has a very nice story to illustrate the theory of abundance, some of the initiatives he is associated with

Gopal talks of random acts of kindness that he has received and experienced in his life and how extending a helping hand makes his day and is very empowering and his passion to share as an act of paying forward

Paramu can relate this to practices in ancient Greece or Indian societies, the difference between gratitude and indebtedness 

JV says that it is a wonderful concept and one feels very good and the world is a livable place only because many people pay it forward and JV wants to pay many things forward, starting with what he received from his father

How can you pay it forward? Do what you are passionate about, to see success in other people.  And, of course, you can share your story on this podcast, Software People Stories. Do write to us at  , and share your story.

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