November 15, 2019

A Career Retrospective with Madhavi Ravanan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
A Career Retrospective with Madhavi Ravanan
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Show Notes

A candid conversation between Madhavi Ravanan, SI Delivery Head at Nokia and Chitra Gurjar from PM Power Consulting, covered several topics from Madhavi’s experiences on

  • Luck by chance entry to NIT Trichy to get her degree in engineering
  • Early development days for telecom software learning standards, switches and conducting experiments
  • Role diversity and how she took on business development
  • Developing technical practice as a means of incubating ideas, finding adjacencies and becoming a trusted advisor to customers
  • How to keep new engineers challenged & focused
  • Developing customer intimacy for effective stakeholder management
  • Changing times of engineers then and now
  • Re-learning and internalizing dev ops
  • Importance of constant learning & re-inventing ones self

Madhavi is a technology professional with a couple of decades of industry experience. She is an alumna of NIT-Trichy, from class of ‘98.  She started her career as a software engineer, developed software for a variety of telecom and networking gear, led product engineering teams, took a stab at business development, account management and technology practice development before moving into the current role.

In her current role, she heads the telco cloud integration delivery unit in Nokia Software’s core services organisation.  She is passionate about technology as an enabler, thrilled with the pace of disruptions in the industry, enjoys new ways of working and likes doing some crystal-gazing. She is an avid reader and occasionally puts her pen to paper.  Tune-in to this podcast to hear her look back on the path she has taken, her views on what’s happening in the industry, what may lie ahead, how to stay future-ready and more.

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