December 2, 2019

2nd Generation Product Technologist with Jeetu Narayan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
2nd Generation Product Technologist with Jeetu Narayan
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Show Notes

Listen to Jeetu Narayan, Business Executive, Entrepreneur and Technology specialist share insights with Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting on a wide array of topics that include

  •  Being a second generation IT professional in his family
  • Considering himself to be a product technologist
  • Getting hooked on to computers through games
  • Addictive products and the attention economy
  • Building things useful for your customers Different learnings from startup, mid market companies
  • The importance of EQ
  • Waterfall, agile and natural approaches to software development
  • How nature’s changes are about the ecosystem
  • His perspectives on the impact and trend of where AI is headed
  • The considerations for distributing work in a globally spread team
  • Going beyond outside-in metrics only
  • How he went about managing stress at work
  • Being considered as a rainbow character and a data person : using the Strengths Deployment Inventory
  • His way to handle the commute stress.. In bangalore traffic!
  • A lesson he learnt from his manager about working long hours
  • How he is trying to influence the curriculum for technology related subjects in educational institutions to also have softer aspects such as Emotional Intelligence
  • And whether there would be a third generation IT person in his family!

Jeetu Narayan is an experienced technology veteran as a Business Executive, Entrepreneur and Technology Specialist having invested over 2 decades in product ventures and, having managed initiatives across Business Intelligence & Analytics, Hybrid Cloud, Mobile solutions and SCM domains. Jeetu’s expertise lies in blending the best practices from his experience spanning across Fortune 10 companies through to medium and entrepreneurial ventures. He holds a Post-graduation in business management and a Master’s degree in software systems.

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