January 22, 2020

Dilemmas and Honesty with Pallavi Srinivasa

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Dilemmas and Honesty with Pallavi Srinivasa
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Show Notes

Tune into the conversation between Pallavi Srinivasa, Director of Product Management at Cisco and Chitra Gurjar from PM Power Consulting where Pallavi shares her basket of a variety of experiences and thoughts around 

  • Magic happening via bits n bytes
  • Connectedness of people, information & energy
  • Customer experience, product thinking and development, and the role of human emotions in developing solutions
  • Cost of impatience in using technology and AI v/s slow growth in a holistic manner
  • Getting customers to open up about their real problems & placing the product in their thinking
  • What customer connect means despite being a big brand like Cisco, tips for product managers
  • How an organization rallies behind a customer, across engineering, sales, marketing, product mgmt
  • Her journey into product management, from a human factors engineering person and a technical marketing engineer
  • A message for people considering product management as a career option
  • Her belief in boundless potential to help humanity through technology

Pallavi Srinivasa is an industry veteran with over 18 years at Cisco in various leadership roles in areas of product management, technical marketing and sales. During the course of her career at Cisco, Pallavi has led product management and technical marketing teams in the areas of enterprise networking and analytics applications. Pallavi has also spent a significant amount of time focused on driving business growth in India in the enterprise and data center portfolio.   Most recently, Pallavi has been leading Enterprise Switching Portfolio   Outside of Cisco responsibilities, Pallavi is also very active in mentoring STEM programs, driving diversity of leadership in technology companies.

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