February 7, 2020

Diving Deep into Data with Rinka Singh

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Diving Deep into Data with Rinka Singh
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Show Notes

Tune into this episode, a deep exploratory conversation between Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting and Rinka Singh, Co-Founder, AccelerateFire shares his stories of 

  • Being a serial start-up-person
  • Doing things outside of the day job, including starting the Software Process Improvement Network (BSPIN), Bangalore
  • How he got interested in quality, process etc
  • The experience of getting representatives from many organizations to come together and share data
  • Some of the driving thoughts behind the open source movement, and Linux, in particular Can the NIH syndrome be broken to help with opensource adoption?
  • How an external [customer] trigger pushes internal adoption
  • What would be one overarching reason to use open source
  • About the value proposition of superior performance for the lucene search engine, from his startup
  • How github is helping small companies and developers
  • Need for and possible implications of creating new ways of developing software
  • Zero cost reviews in open source
  • Trends influencing the software development process, including the limitations of hardware Challenges in computing posed by large volumes of data – and dark data
  • The need to look beyond the von Neumann model of computing
  • His career advice to those aspiring for careers in IT or are looking at the next stage of growth

Rinka has conceived and is working on a Technology Startupcurrently early stage.  He has previously defined and implemented product road-maps, managed multi-million $ contracts out of India and has participated in Industry Forums his company representative.  His technology and domain experience is in the systems software and protocols which covers various processors (ARM, ATmega, x86, VIA, Alpha, Sparc, boards from Motorola, Arduino & TI), various OSs (VxWorks, pSOS & various flavors of Unices) and both Datacom (TCP/IP & IPv6 stacks, WAN & Routing protocols) and Telecom (ATM, ISDN, etc).

His specializations include architecting, product and technical management organization management, delivery and people management .

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