March 19, 2020

Dispersed Teams – 2 with Srinivasan S

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Dispersed Teams - 2 with Srinivasan S
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Show Notes

This is a special series of episodes, called Dispersal, in view of the ongoing pandemic, that has caused what we believe is a widespread dispersed working from home. Whats working and whats not, how are people feeling and other insights. We share perspectives of PM Power coaches. In this episode, S Srinivasan or Srini as he is popularly known, shares his views on

  • The word from agile values – “over”
  • What people can use “over” as to discover a higher order purpose
  • Loss of water cooler moments & side-bar conversations
  • Formal remote work mechanisms would work, but..
  • Social distancing and isolation
  • Planned banter & a sense of belonging
  • Inducting new joinees into an organization at this time
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