March 22, 2020

70: Dispersed Teams – 6

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
70: Dispersed Teams - 6
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Show Notes

This is a special series of episodes, called Dispersal, in view of the ongoing pandemic, that has caused what we believe is a widespread dispersed working from home. Whats working and whats not, how are people feeling and other insights. We share perspectives of PM Power coaches and from some of our clients as well. Listen to this quick monologue from Gayathri Kalyanaraman from PM Power Consulting on Be organized, get things moving, as a home care taker Allocate rooms for house members and give space to each other, better still time box it Taking care of your health, with early morning and late evening walks as a scheduled activity Continuing with online events as a facilitator, creating virtual break out rooms and facilitating collaboration with proper tool handling

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