March 23, 2020

Dispersed Teams – 7 with Malavika Garimella

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Dispersed Teams - 7 with Malavika Garimella
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Show Notes

This is a special series of episodes, called Dispersal, in view of the ongoing pandemic, that has caused what we believe is a widespread dispersed working from home. Whats working and whats not, how are people feeling and other insights. We share perspectives of PM Power coaches and from some of our clients as well.

In this episode, Malavika Garimella, marketing consultant for PM Power Consulting, shares her views and tips as an experienced worker from home and how she is handling her work at this time with the following

  • Sharing my workspace with more people, making space
  • Keeping kids engaged, handling interruptions, regulating screen time, accessing free books and audio resources
  • Grandparents help, rope them in Dedicating playtime, respecting kids time like they do yours
  • Keeping a schedule, flexible
  • Managing work with identifying communication modes, pro-active outreach  What to do when you are stuck
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