April 17, 2020

Software for Different Countries with Badri Narayanan Mangadu

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Software for Different Countries with Badri Narayanan Mangadu
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Show Notes

Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting is speaking with Badri Narayanan Mangadu, Vice President of HCL Technologies Ltd

  • Geography and culture aspects of IT delivery plays a critical role in not just UX/UD Communication/ project mgmt and various inter dependencies
  • Roll mapping of local talent in critical roles and having close business relationship are key things to put in play for long term success
  • Bridging cultural differences in Japan was around having additional business analysts with bi lingual capability to understand specs and pair program with the developers to ensure gaps are reduced
  • German teams needed accuracy in functionality as much as the accompanying documentation
  • Change in expectations in IT landscape with integrated business & IT Several changes have happened from owning small functions in y2k to smaller SDLC parts to owning entire app stack we have grown quite a bit
  • Digital tsunami needs dual crossing with owning IT and making IT more valuable
  • IT Decision are continuous and not be outsourced to only a nuanced role
  • Conscious relearning is required to re-equip ourselves in the new digital world in terms of technology and soft skills
  • Business outcomes would need to be innovation led and internal teams/systems need to be delivery/engineering led
  • Dual engine  Learnings from failure and crystalize them to the next level seems to be the way forward to accelerate the art and marry the engineering discipline

Badri can be reached at https://www.linkedin.com/in/badri-narayanan-mangadu-4423256/ 

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