May 21, 2020

Data, Risk & Decisions with Srinivasan Sundararajan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Data, Risk & Decisions with Srinivasan Sundararajan
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Show Notes

In this conversation, colleagues Srinivasan Sundararajan (Srini) and Chitra from PM Power Consulting are talking about Srini’s experiences and stories around

  • A product of circumstances
  • Education at IIT Madras in Mechanical engineer, introduction to computing and problem solving by working across departments at IIT
  • Developing backup software in a manufacturing company and early lessons
  • Examining data above and beyond
  • Risk taking, evaluating and owning your decisions
  • Transition from corporate (helping with solving a problem) to being an agile coach (helping people discover the solution)
  • Being a coach, facilitator & enabler & managing deliverables
  • Owning one’s decisions

Srinivasan can be reached at

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