July 3, 2020

From Order Takers to Agenda Setters with Rajaram Venkataraman

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
From Order Takers to Agenda Setters with Rajaram Venkataraman
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Show Notes

In this conversation with Rajaram Venkataraman, Convenor Technology panel FICCI and CEO of VelTech TBI, Founder of Navya Insights, President SPIN Chennai and Gayatri from PM Power Consulting explore Rajaram’s journey

  • Rajaram talks about his passion in computers started with his peers in the family
  • He reminisces the initial days of working in TCS with Lakshmi Narayanan(Vice Chairman of Cognizant) and Chandrashekar (Exec Director of TCS) in the same office in TCS
  • Being a liaison between Government and industry bodies.
  • Creating networking opportunities for thousands of people and hundreds of companies through FICCI
  • Digital transformation has been accelerated during covid-19 with very specific examples and how technology has laid the foundation for working remotely
  • Thriving start-up community with a number of grants from the large corporates innovative
  • Innovation has spurred in different ways – an example with RoboChef firm providing delicious and safe food for corona warriors
  • Witness to the transformation from order takers to agenda setters Potential to become Intellectual capital of the world with new services, ML, RPA Using COVID as an opportunity generator in different industries
  • Indian software gurus can make a shift
  • Looking at possibilities in the changing world with a positive attitude and a learning mindset over doomsday attitude

You may contact Rajaram Venkaraman at https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajaramv/

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