July 11, 2020

Stories of Self Belief with Mritunjay Singh

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Stories of Self Belief with Mritunjay Singh
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Show Notes

In this conversation with Mritunjay Singh (Munjay), SVP, Infosys and Gayatri from PM Power Consulting explore Munjay’s journey

  • Started the journey with Tata Steel in their computing arena
  • Moved to software looking at the uptake in technology growth
  • Changed his perspective on scaling technology sourcing after a large deal
  • Belief in people can walk on water and having a cross functional skills has been a constant endeavor
  • Speaking about modular sourcing, he shared how clients have contacted his team, as an advisory long after the ink had dried on the deal
  • Scaling an organization (Pune DC for Infosys) came in the back of community building and creating infrastructure outside the campus to ensure that entire ecosystem thrives and doesn’t suffer. That experience taught him that purpose beyond daily work moves mountains
  • Creating a future knowledge org with physical location agnostic, self managed and gig economy based delivery
  • Turning point came in his initial days when he delivered a payment software in 2 weeks what was expected in 3 months with last minute change in specs
  • Created a safety net of mentors who can be consulted and used their learnings
  • As a CEO of Axicades, Munjay speaks about creating a playbook for the company in the form of culture.
  • What are the parameters for decision making, customer relationships and acceptable behaviors.
  • Culture of the leader is like a large shadow and first being aware of oneself and making small changes to the thinking that aligns to the vision
  • All decisions are contextual and needs to be taken in the microcosm of that point in time and learn from the outcomes using feedback loops

Munjay can be contacted at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mritunjay-singh-68a7b23/

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