January 31, 2021

A Pathfinder’s Story with Guruprasad Krishnan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
A Pathfinder's Story with Guruprasad Krishnan
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Show Notes

This episode features a conversation between PM Power colleagues Guruprasad and Chitra with Guru sharing his story that includes

  • Love for programming and logic
  • C programming and how an incident set the stage for his sw dev career
  • Experiences as a developer and directly working with customers
  • His 3 lessons through a serious escalation
  • Key takeaways when transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager
  • Wanting to stay technical and how agile led the way to management
  • Having an excellent manager as a mentor and role model in his early management days
  • Finding his Ikegai through coaching and a series of ups and downs
  • His message for aspiring coaches & people in technology

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