January 20, 2024

Analytics and planning with Srinivasan Sundararajan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Analytics and planning with Srinivasan Sundararajan
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Show Notes

In this conversation with my colleague Srinivasan Sundararajan – aka Srini, we touched upon many topics related to personal finance as well as non-financial planning, including:

  • His passion for data and analytics
  • Understanding that behavior matters as much or more than data and how his own approach to analytics has evolved over time
  • The year end being a logical time window to reflect and plan
  • Start your reflection and planning from self
  • Picking the vital few aspects that need to be addressed and focusing measurements and analysis on that
  • His reflection on the past year on a personal level
  • While he may not be very excited about planning quarter in quarter, using a quarter as a window to review financial investments , but shorter windows based on what the goals are
  • Aspects one should be clear about, both when planning and reflecting on the progress on plans
  • Having discretionary and non-discretionary aspects in the goals and aspirations
  • The importance of making a public commitment or having an accountability buddy
  • How to use four words of Intrinsic / extrinsic, need/want driven to test motivation

The link to the blog post referred to by Srini on the four words related to motivation: https://pm-powerconsulting.com/blog/4-words-test-motivational-level/ 

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