CHOW #107- Evolution of Project Health Assessment

In the blogs we had a very active discussion on the assessment of project health. I would like to know your perspectives on how health assessment varied from 1990s to now, and how is assessment likely to evolve as we go to the 2030s?

Suggested Solution:

We are noticing a trend away from external health assessment to self-assessment by the team. We are also seeing a trend towards more holistic assessment than just process health centred around industry process frameworks. In today’s dynamic business environment, specific assessment of ability to multi-skill, to handle newer technologies, to juggle ambiguities in requirements amid shorter release schedules are becoming important.

For the assessor, understanding of the project context is become vital in order to do justice to an assessment. Agile approaches are defining new ways to execute projects that have continuous feedback and improvement cycles built in. They are kind of self-correcting. Hopefully, we would not need any assessment by 2030!

What do you think?

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