CHOW #127 – Brand Image of Scrum Masters

Rajiv has been working as a scrum master and coaching the teams after getting trained. Management and teams think that Scrum Master is like a secretary who just books the meeting rooms, facilitates daily meetings and helps with some tasks when team asks for it. Rajiv spoke to couple of other scrum masters in the organisation and most of them shared the same feelings. They felt that they were moved to scrum master role as a demotion or as a punishment. As Agile coaches, how can we help Rajiv and other scrum masters overcome this problem?

Suggested Solution:

Based on the problem statement, we can understand that the Rajiv’s organisation has been doing agile without understanding why they are doing agile and what benefits that they could get as an organisation or as a team or as an individual. As discussed in my blog, “why” gives the direction to organisation. To solve the problem, Rajiv could

1.Identify a sponsor for the agile initiative (if no one exists) or connect with them to rekindle executive buy-in, define Vision, purpose and objective for the transformation

2.Establish governance mechanism for the executives to connect with the teams

3. Create a Community of practice for the agile teams and connect them with the industry experts, either participating in forums or bringing in experts to talk in their forum. This will help in creating a positive momentum across the teams

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