Chow #152 – Are you done?

Mancini is a Product Owner. Based on the average velocity of the previous release (13 units of work), he estimated a new release of the product to take 7 Sprints. Development is 3 Sprints underway. Product Backlog has been stable. Over these first Sprints, the Development Team reported an average velocity of 9, although not all functionality was fully tested. The Development Team estimates that the missing testing would have required 10% more time. Mancini considers the current functionality cohesive enough for her users and wants to release. What is the most effective way to proceed?

Suggested solution:

Since the functionality is not fully tested, it is incomplete and not done. Since it is not done, it lacks feedback, transparency, empiricism and is not releasable.

The Scrum Master(SM) should enable the Development Team(DT) to come up with a clear Definition Of Done as it helps the Development Team(DT), Product Owner(PO) and the stakeholders to :

  • have a shared understanding of what it means for work to be complete to ensure transparency
  • used to assess if work is complete on the Product Increment.

 With this the PO , can be very clear on what is the quality level that he can expect from the Development Team and then can take an informed decision on the release – if the functionality is potentially releasable and adheres to the Scrum Team’s Definition Of Done.

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