Chow #154 – What are you committed to?

Ram is heading delivery in a 120-member software services and e-commerce start-up. He has been there from the beginning, almost 3 years, and has the trust of the founders. It has been a hard road in terms of hours of work – late nights and week-ends. Ram has shown unwavering commitment thus far but the strain was starting to take its toll on him and his family.  Ram started thinking about leaving the job. At the same time, one of his key managers is behaving unpredictably and it is clear that he is looking out. There are many critical projects on the line and cash flow from these project deliveries is vital to make the payroll.  Ram felt two people (himself and his key manager) leaving at the same time could be a major set-back for the organization. Ram was torn between his responsibilities at work and his commitments to his family. What would you do in his place?

Suggested solution:

There is no specific right answer to this challenge. I have seen most people react immediately with – ‘family comes first – organization will always survive without you – so quit now!’. However, the quality of your decision at that moment depends on your awareness and your ability to regulate your emotions – and relationship with your spouse and relationship with the company founders!

I think any decision taken with self-awareness and due consideration for valued relationships is likely to be the right – it may be to quit now, to quit later or to stay.

What do you think?

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