CHOW # 174 – De-stressing in an open office

Sriram was very excited and totally fascinated by Vignesh, the coach who had conducted a 45 minute immersion session on mindfulness at work.

He felt very refreshed and even though it was close to the end of the day and there were a few escalations to be handled, he thought that this break was time well spent.

He resolved to practice some of the techniques he learnt, every day, as it was just under 15 minutes and included a combination of stretching exercises, a short breathing practice and a few minutes of meditation.

But, as he walked towards his desk, he started having doubts already – about his ability to practice daily, as his work area was an open office and there was no privacy.

Can you help him create a regime?

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Suggested Solution

Simple techniques such as breath watch and intentional attention [observe outside, observe inside] can be practiced even in an open office environment.

It would be best to consult Vignesh and show him around the work area and what typical constraints or distractions that may happen.

This is because, with his experience, Vignesh can suggest practices that can be taken up even in such open environments. This will also help Sriram observe himself as he goes through these practices.

Other protocols such as a ‘Do not Disturb’ sign would let other colleagues know that it is your own time – ‘Me time’ – that will reduce such interruptions. Switching off other electronic distractions such as notifications for mails, messages etc will also help.

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