CHOW #176 – Suitability of Agile

FireCon consults corporates in Fire-fighting systems and equipment. It works with vendors where necessary to source and implement total solutions for high-rise business towers. Their engagements are mostly turn-key with well-defined deliverables. Kuber, the founder, is hearing from their customers that engagements do not close on time and often there is a mismatch between what was expected and the deliverables. He reaches out to you to help improve timeliness and quality of the deliverables. You believe agile approach will help FireCon. What are the key factors that would help you assess suitability of the agile approach for FireCon?

Suggested Solution

There is no perfect solution to such questions. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Firstly, I would try to discover the reasons why projects are getting delayed and the reasons for expectation mismatch. For example, problems around sourcing and regulations would need solutions different from agile approach. Problems around low skill of engineers or high turn-over staff would warrant more of an organizational solution than an agile approach.
  2. If the underlying causes revolve around complexity of solutions, changing customer requirements and uncertainties associated with the operating environment, agile would be worth experimenting with.
  3. In any case, I would select a typical project for piloting the agile approach.

Hope this helps.

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