CHOW #60– Can you identify some components of a vital sign?

In the blog post published along with this CHOW,  we talk of a six fold approach to assess project health. This blog post is an extract from our book, “A Project Health Assessment Framework”, that is expected to hit the stands this year.

In the post we identify a manifestation and the component to which it belongs within the vital sign Customer Connect.

Quote from the blog post

Krishna referred to the paper, “Well, one manifestation is this: Regular communication with the customer exists regarding operational status – weekly, monthly, quarterly. This manifestation and many other similar ones are part the component Operational Connect with the customer and this component and other similar components are part of the vital sign Customer Connect.”


The Challenge of the Week is simple.

“Operational Connect with the customer” is one of components of the vital sign Customer Connect. Can you identify some others?

Suggested Solution

I can tell you that there are five more components (in addition to “Operational Connect with the customer”. With this hint, can you identify them?

If not, you will have to wait for Paramu and the book (A Project Health Assessment Framework) he is coming out with later this year!

What do you think?

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