CHOW #67- Inter team interruptions

Wise Eagles (WE) and Bright Kites (BK) are two teams located in India and US and share just a few overlap hours. BK need to use/ work on code that was developed by the WE in the past. Team members from BK often reach out to WE team members to get specific details on the code and the WE team members help. The problem WE face is that there is repeat request for the same information, which annoys them. But what took the cake was after a Developer from BK got had a Knowledge Transfer (KT) session on a piece of functionality, the Tester wanted the same KT after a gap of few days.

The Scrum Master of WE team approaches you (the coach) for inputs/help, what will be your approach?

Suggested solution:

I would ask him how would he handle the situation if the same issue was happening within his team. There are many ways that it could be handed.

A long lasting way, would be to have team norms/ working agreement. This defines what are the team members expectation of each other and how they will meet up to that. They will have some norms related to Knowledge Transfer, like documenting it, reviewing the learning and doing ground/home work before approaching again.

The same norms needs to be tweaked to work between teams. Would encourage him to see if the other team have their own team norms, compare that with his own and work out something for inter team collaboration.

What do you think?

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