June 17, 2023

Continuously Stay Transparent with Fred George

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Continuously Stay Transparent with Fred George
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Show Notes

In the first part of the podcast episode, Gayatri Kalyanaraman is in conversation with Fred George, Consulting Developer in Scienta AS and master change agent, shares his career journey

  • Fred is a career IBM developer and speaks about the skills he developed
  • Fred shares his experience in gaining an MBA degree and speaks about how IBM is great in building great people around your
  • Talks about how one needs to imbibe oneself in the talking to executives 
  • Shares some of the stories on ensuring that fears are quelled and anticipate the people who are fearing 
  • Talks about hard and complex problems that he welcomes to solve
  • Fred’s mantra is “I can’t do everything well, but Most things can do as well as anyone else”
  • Fred shares how he ensures that he gets the right set of team members and mentor them around you. 
  • Ensuring that management are taken into confidence in the journey using transparency and metrics
  • Fred shares his movement from being in the management cadre in IBM to a consultant and ensuring that he taught himself new language skills. Fred knows about 75 languages over the period of time
  • Fred shares his experience on how job descriptions have become very convoluted and complex and that’s leading to dysfunctions
  • Fred shares about the new concept of thinking Diversity and what type of innovations that are coming in

Fred can be contacted at https://www.linkedin.com/in/fred-george/ 

Fred considers himself a hands-on software developer with executive responsibilities and experience. Early experimenter in micro-service architectures from 2005, and father of the post-Agile process termed Programmer Anarchy. Earlier implementer of new technology for his entire career, including computer networking in the 70’s, LAN’s and GUI in the 80’s, and OO and Agile in the 90’s. Very early adopter of Kanban processes. He has used over 70 programming languages in his career.

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