June 20, 2023

Understanding 5 key way of Agility in AI world with Fred George

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Understanding 5 key way of Agility in AI world with Fred George
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Show Notes

In the second part of the podcast episode, Gayatri Kalyanaraman is in conversation with Fred George,Consulting Developer in Scienta AS and master change agent, shares his career journey

  • Fred shares his experience in creating and nurturing thinking diversity in his London project
  • Ensuring that you create a blameless culture and a wonderful experimentation and that’s what enables innovation to flow and no permission culture 
  • He shares about creating change management in behaviors starting with extreme rigor in processes. Once the barriers are broken in, processes are completely taken out and that’s when you become truly agile
  • Understanding the five key principles on agility  
  • Fred shares about rewilding and increasing experimentation 
  • He shares his expertise on balancing his brand, building products and consulting
  • Fred shares about inculcating no-fear environment and ensuring that he picks the team around him 
  • Fred shares his thoughts around how AI needs to be looked at as a way to do your repeated steps – Understanding the essence of the work
  • Stay in the learning journey and that’s what enables you to be successful 

Fred can be contacted at https://www.linkedin.com/in/fred-george/ 

Fred considers himself a hands-on software developer with executive responsibilities and experience. Early experimenter in micro-service architectures from 2005, and father of the post-Agile process termed Programmer Anarchy. Earlier implementer of new technology for his entire career, including computer networking in the 70’s, LAN’s and GUI in the 80’s, and OO and Agile in the 90’s. Very early adopter of Kanban processes. He has used over 70 programming languages in his career.

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