February 5, 2021

Crafting Software with Liran Haimovitch

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Crafting Software with Liran Haimovitch
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Show Notes

In this episode Liran Haimovitch, CTO and co-founder of rookout is in conversation with Chitra from PM Power Consulting. Liran shares his experiences on

  • Working across multiple technologies & roles 
  • Having a computer at age 6 and writing programs since then
  • 2 impacts from his cybersecurity experience – (1) the importance of understanding software & its complexity (2) doing something beyond just writing code
  • Aging systems, lost design intent, and the most common form of tech debt
  • The 3 reasons for tech debt and what drives fear in engineers
  • How he co-founded Rookout, born out of his own frustration trying to understand how software works
  • The idea of seeing code live, running in the actual environment to understand whats happening, rather than static code
  • Making life easier for software engineers & enabling them to see flow of code 
  • How Rookout is helping customers reduce cycle time for new builds & adding new code
  • Infrastructure complexities of cloud and spinning up 1000’s of services
  • Simplicity in software engineering & the philosophy on building simple components
  • Thoughts on starting small & working agile & Ways of working for agile teams
  • Focusing on creating short, frequent feedback loops
  • A message for anyone taking up software engineering

Liran is the Co-Founder and CTO of Rookout. He’s an advocate of modern software methodologies like agile, lean, and DevOps. Liran’s passion is to understand how software actually works. When he’s not thinking of code, he’s usually diving or hiking.

Social Media Handles:

Twitter- @liranlast

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/liran-haimovitch-652bba95/

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