January 23, 2021

DOer to Get-it-Done-er with J Veeraraaghavan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
DOer to Get-it-Done-er with J Veeraraaghavan
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Show Notes

In this episode PM Power colleagues, J Veeraraaghavan (JV) & Sivaguru are in conversation as JV shares his career journey during the mid-career days, when he moved from one leadership role to another including

  • Getting the right breaks through his career
  • Managing projects, taking up middle managerial roles and moving into executive management
  • Getting exposed to and experience in roadmap planning for products
  • Curbing the tendency to jump in and act when team members were facing challenges, rather than taking an approach of helping them
  • What helped him get over this:
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Being aware of self and being empathetic and sensing how others feel
  • Having a technical background
  • In addition, approachability and ability to guide
  • On dealing with managers, when he took on larger responsibilities 
  • How he overcame the sudden feeling that one had nothing to do, as a manager, while being responsible overall
  • His first experience in managing a program and what he learnt from not having prior experience
  • What he realized by inadvertently stepping into the shoes of the project manager and realizing the impact it had on the project manager
  • His thoughts on luck v/s hard work for a successful manager
  • Four dimensions of success for a middle manager – Engineering excellence; Delivery oversight; Self leadership; Coaching skills
  • How executive leadership can enable middle managers to go beyond performance reviews
  • Establishing communities of practice to help middle managers 
  • His take on managing time 

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