October 6, 2023

Don’t Choose an Easy Path with Saikat Chakrabarty

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Don't Choose an Easy Path with Saikat Chakrabarty
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Show Notes

In this episode, Gayatri Kalyanaraman is in conversation with Saikat Chakrabarty who is a Technologist, Director, Engineering at Mihup and he’s a AI/ML and Computer Vision Enthusiast.

In his career spanning over a decade, he has been a Telecom engineer, prompt engineering, Interaction designer and conversational AI. 

  • Saikat is working in the pioneering world of building AI tools that map the man machine and the person
  • He’s working in the contact center engineering by understanding the questions and asks from our customers
  • Saikat started his career in creating software for LTE within 4G Telecom providers and says that he has not looked back from there
  • Saikat’s team in Mihup creates the analysis of the several thousand conversations between the customer and contact center and understand the sentiment of the user
  • Listen to the conversation on how the vernacular language support is being created in the AI platform to build accuracy
  • Understand that initial days you have to choose the right place to work and always stay invested in oneself
  • Saikat also talks about his mantra of “Don’t choose an easy path and continue to learn”
  • Saikat talks about his interests in Medical and Computer science and Brain networks are working. Saikat believes that the future bet is lying on medical access across the globe
  • Saikat says that software changes in months not years – you have to keep yourself updated daily and that’s the only way to stay relevant 
  • He’s also deep believer of the growth of the technology in Tier 3 cities within India given the organizations changing to remote first or Hybrid

Saikat has been instrumental in Mihup’s success as one of the leading Conversational AI companies in India. He leads the entire tech organisation at Mihup, with a team of almost 20 people working under him, ranging from Devops to MLEs, overseeing the end to end development and shipping of the Mihup products.

Saikat Chakrabarty is a dynamic leader and Senior Engineering Manager at Mihup, a pioneering conversational AI platform founded in 2016. Mihup’s revolutionary approach empowers individuals to seamlessly interact with the digital world while prioritizing inclusivity and accessibility, regardless of language, accent, or dialect.

Technical Leadership:

At Mihup, Saikat has successfully managed and mentored cross-functional teams in machine learning, R&D, product development and DevOps. His expertise in managing the development of Mihup’s conversational AI products has positioned him as a trusted leader in the industry. With a deep understanding of a wide range of technologies, including Java (Spring Boot), NodeJs, Golang, Angular, Python, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, Redis, Kubernetes, and more, Saikat has played a pivotal role in building highly scalable cloud microservices and optimizing premise-based applications.

Diverse Experience:

Saikat’s wealth of experience extends beyond his role at Mihup. He has previously worked with renowned companies like Lexmark and Polaris Network Inc., where he honed his skills and passion for AI/ML and computer vision. His contributions to these cutting-edge fields have resulted in 2 patents and 6 paper publications, consolidating his exceptional knowledge and expertise.

Recognition and Awards:

Saikat’s exceptional contributions and dedication to his craft have earned him notable accolades throughout his career. Notably, he was awarded the prestigious Digital Transformation Award at Lexmark Focus-2-Future, alongside the Manager Appreciation Award and several other commendations. At Mihup, he has regularly been the recipient of special rewards for his undying passion and dedication towards delivering products that customers love to use.

Saikat can be contacted at Saikat Chakrabarty:

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