March 18, 2022

Don’t Predict just Adapt with Jaya Vaidhyanathan

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Don't Predict just Adapt with Jaya Vaidhyanathan
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Show Notes

In this episode, Gayatri is in conversation with Jaya Vaidhyanathan, CEO Bahwan DIgital . She shared her story, experiences and thoughts related to:

  • How she started her career as an investment banker in wall street and moved to Accenture and HCL to head their large deal space in the financial sector
  • With her technology background and her financial acumen, she found her footing in several leadership roles in HCL, Accenture and Standard Chartered
  • After holding several executive posts, Jaya looked for opportunities where she can contribute back to the country
  • Her organization Bahwan Digital builds products using the latest digital technologies including the predicting analytics and AI Space.
  • She shares her early exposure by her mother to talk on different podiums that made her find it easier to articulate on any topic
  • As an entrepreneur, she views her role as dream convertor. When employees join the startup, they are putting their livelihoods at stake and Jaya often feels that any questions that the team is asking needs to be answered
  • Jaya uses the term – more you chip the stone, sculpture emerges and that’s a team effort
  • Creating a compelling journey and excited about the vision of where you want to take the org is  the formula she finds it her mantra
  • She shares some stories on how you can create support system and help them be part of your journey
  • Having dogged focus despite having struggles is something she learnt, particularly moving from executive leadership to an entrepreneur 
  • Hard work is not the same as perseverance. Everyone works hard, Perseverance is when you keep at it when things are not moving the way you want it
  • Focus is about building expertise and able to stay the course
  • Being an intern has helped her understand the next AI technology or the Web3.0 with a new lens.
  • Perseverance, Discipline and Focus along with Tossing aside your Ego is her mantra 
  • Smiles come when roadblocks are removed and big goals are achieved. She attributes her mom for being a constant inspiration to where she is. 

Jaya is currently the CEO of BCT Digital. BCT Digital is a global technology company specializing in digital transformation, predictive analytics, and AI space for the Banking and Financial Services Industry. With over two decades of experience in large organizations like HCL, Accenture, and Standard Chartered Bank globally, she has been instrumental in building businesses from the ground up and transforming them into multi-billion-dollar businesses and building team of 60000 + employees. At Accenture, as its Managing Partner for its Financial Services business, she was part of the seeding team to build Accenture India. Jaya has served on the boards of Mahindra Sanyo Steel and Altran. Currently, she serves on the board of UTI Asset Management Company and IndiGrid and NGO boards such as Mastermind Foundation and Kaarwan Foundation. Jaya holds an MBA in Finance & Strategy from Cornell University, the USA, and a BE in Computer Science & Engineering from Madras University, India. She is also a CFA Charter Holder.

Jaya can be reached at 

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