June 27, 2019

Engineering Software to Software Engineering with Paul Ariekal

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Engineering Software to Software Engineering with Paul Ariekal
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Show Notes

Joins us in listening to Paul Arieckal from Global Automation and Sivaguru from PM Power consulting as they have conversations around Paul’s experiences in

  • Learning the rigour of software development as computing resources were scarce Considering constraints at the time of design
  • Making assumptions while designing applications: timetracker story
  • Relevance of top down design in the age of cloud and microservices
  • Trimming the footprint of an application from 2 GB to less than 200 MB
  • Drawing inspiration for software from gardening
  • What learning to play the violin taught him about writing software
  • The importance of a test-first approach, in gardening or coding
  • What is easier to debug? A crash or a functional bug?
  • If you want to know what Paul compares debugging to – to get a high, listen carefully!
  • Importance of not getting lost on the frills and focus on the core
  • How can one avoid a burnout in the supposedly stressful field of software

Paul is the Director, Engineering at Global Automation India Pvt. Ltd.  He has been with Global Automation for over 24 years and in the current role for 4 years. He is responsible for leading the software product development efforts starting with product conceptualization to delivering to market, through the phases of prototyping, requirements and specifications, test-marketing, software coding, testing, build and release. He is also responsible for managing the computing and networking infrastructure through deployment of state-of-the-art tools and technologies, providing a scalable and secured development environment for Global’s team.

Prior to the current role, he was managing the development of a diverse set of software products, a hardware/software appliance implementing ndmp protocol for deployment in data centers for improved backup efficiency, an enterprise JAVA based private equity portfolio management application. His other interests include integrating iOT devices for affordable domestic home automation systems, and irrigation systems that utilize minimal water for water starved urban homes. Paul can be reached via https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-arieckal-085b6620/

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